CDC offers new call to arms on "Nightmare Bacteria"

Published on Aug 4, 2015, by CDC News Hour

Drug-resistant bacteria infect at least 2 million people and kill 23,000 each year. Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued a call to slow the rate of hospital-acquired infections. Gwen Ifill talks to Dr. Michael Bell from the CDC about the new recommendations. Check out the full article here.


If it seems that we're losing the war on germs, it's time to outsmart them by switching from harmful chemical disinfectants to eco-friendly probiotic cleaners which get rid of those bad germs by the means of competitive exclusion. The good guys win, period.


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  • Masha

    Probiotic Cleaners and PureBiotic Mist DO NOT PROMOTE SUPERBUGS, but they protect us from the risk of the bad germs thriving where these products are applied, so to avoid catching the infection in the first place. Let’s “kill them with kindness” and instead of “Disinfecting” all the time, try to spread the good bacteria to control the “bad guys”.

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