Salmonella Scare for Fruits, Vegies, Eggs, Fish and Meat

Nowadays, you MUST WASH eggs, meat, fish, fruits, and veggies before you even think about consuming them. However, washing with toxic chemicals found in concentrated solutions, like Fantastic, 409, Lysol, Windex, or Clorox Bleach is not always the best idea, because if you do not properly handle or rinse after, traces of chemicals could potentially end up in our bodies and make us sick as a result. And cleaning with Vinegar does not always leave a pleasant smell. So what can you do? How can you make sure that our food is cleaned well before consumption without potentially poisoning ourselves or our loved ones?

As an alternative, the best solution is our StaBiotic (Stabilized Probiotics) Cleaners by Purebiotics®. The long-lasting protection of beneficial bacteria keeps working and cleaning for a few days after application as billions of probiotics populate the environment eliminating the biofilm and not letting the bad germs thrive. The added enzymes help to break down the dirt beter making cleaning even easier. These robust probiotics stabilized in purified water are perfect for cleaning everything and the kitchen sink.

The Use of Probiotic Cleaning Products for Poultry Farms 

Reduction of Salmonella by Cleaning With Probiotics

There are three probiotic products commonly used in poultry farming:

1. StaBIotic Heavy Duty Cleaner, AKA Probiotic Animal Housing Cleaner is applied to the floor, walls, and equipment before the start of each cycle.

2. Probiotic Water Plus is added to the feed water to clean water tanks and supply lines where it breaks down biofilm in the water storage and distribution systems and prevents future build up.

3. StaBiotic Mist, AKA Probiotic Environmental Control (PEC) establishes a healthy and stable microbial community in poultry facilities resulting in the total environmental protection. PEC can be applied with a backpack sprayer or through internal misters that are designed for humidity or heat control.

Examples of the Benefits of Using Our Probiotic Products

Following are results from various parts of the world that demonstrate the effectiveness of the three-part system in reducing the load of pathogenic bacteria in the barn with the resulting improvement in health and growth and a reduction in mortality and condemns.

Use of Probiotic Cleaners at a Hatchery in the US

Microbiological testing showed that they had completely eliminated both Salmonella and Staph from the hatchery which was considered to be a major success. In the ongoing tests, additional benefits of using our probiotic products included an “8% reduction in a feed to weight ratio”, faster growth, better quality poultry, reduction in deaths & a major reduction in facility odors.



Where do you get your eggs, meat, fish, fruits, and veggies? If you are not into gardening or raising cattle or poultry, it's great to support the local farmers. Not only it directly helps the people around your community by you supporting the local economy, but you are more likely to get products that are fresher and naturally grown.

 Every Flock is Healthy with Probiotics


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