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"Probiotic Cleaner" means products that are infused with StaBiotics (Stabilized Probiotics), which are not only beneficial for the body, but also our outside world!  IMAGINE... these Eco-Friendly products can reduce the need for antibiotics, toxic chemicals, antibacterial products,  pesticides and protect you and your loved ones without promoting the evolution of superbugs... It's TRUE!  The new 100% natural approach to cleaning with probiotics has brought forth a healthier living opportunity, that's proven it can be achieved without harmful chemicals.  In fact, previous hospital studies have shown a major reduction in infections by 85-93% compared to disinfectants. It is the safest, efficient and cost-effective way to clean in this century. It does not contain any parabens, GMO, and is completely Biodegradable!  Probiotic cleaning products will remove biofilm, harmful pathogens and even airborne contaminants if you apply StaBiotic Mist (Concentrated) via fogger or sprayer. This improves indoor air quality, creating a safe, healthy, balanced, and pleasurable environment to be able to live, work, sleep, repeat...

Probiotic Cleaner Cleans Anywhere!

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