Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner
Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner
Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner
Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner
Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner
Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner
Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner
Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner
Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner

Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner

Regular price $14.95

It's a dirty world out there!  

Probiotic Cleaner's All Purpose Cleaner works safely on all surfaces including leather, fabrics, glass, stainless steel, mirrors, toilets and much more.  

Companies that promote disinfectants and harmful chemical cleaners claim that they kill most bacteria whereas usually, they say 99.9%.  Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to a mechanic remove all those germs you just whacked with a poisonous substance, which leaves them there as "buffet" with no competition for the next opportunistic harmful bacteria (germ) that comes along. 

WHY clean your baby's crib or your pet's favorite spot with toxic chemical disinfectants?  Probiotic Cleaners naturally work against harmful bacteria by breaking apart biofilm where 90% of harmful bacteria are protected.  It's on every surface, even your skin and the plaque on your teeth.  With an abundance of beneficial probiotics delivered, the bad bacteria can not survive, leaving a cleaner, safer surface and long-lasting layer of beneficial probiotic bacteria.  Probiotics clean and protect surfaces for 3-5 days which creates a safe, balanced and odor-free environment.  Probiotic Cleaners are biodegradable, non-toxic and non-flammable per FDA approved laboratory testing.  

Probiotic Cleaner's 
All Purpose Cleaner is heavily concentrated to mix at a 1:100 dilution.  It's safer and proven to clean better in multiple tests.  After dilution, it's far less expensive yet more effective than any All Purpose Cleaner or Disinfectant available.

Find your right DILUTION ratio and mix into a Spray Bottle:

● Mix 1 Teaspoon (or 5 ml) into a 16 oz Spray Bottle pre-filled water.

● Mix 1/3 oz (or 10 ml) of cleaner into 32 oz Spray Bottle pre-filled with water

● Mix 1.28 oz of cleaner to 1 Gallon of water (it doesn't have to be exact - 1.0-1 ounce is fine)



○ Using a Pump, Wall Dispensing Unit or Portable Dispensing Unit (PDU) eliminates the need for measuring by hand and delivers faster product dilution. Check out our store for dispensers and gadgets designed for ease.

Dual Button Automatic Wall DispenserInsert in a product to use with the dispenserFoaming DispenserHand Bucket Dispenser

Lysol, All Purpose Cleaner 32oz bottle  
$2.97 per bottle

Probiotic Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner
Dilute Concentrate by m
ixing 1oz of concentrate with 100oz water
$14.95 per bottle (8oz of Concentrate makes 25 32oz bottles)
$0.59 per bottle

Lysol - $2.97 per bottle X 25 = $74.25
ProbiotiCleaner - $14.95

Lysol costs almost 5X times more than our Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner, and its fumes are harmful to the lungs.  

Perfect for:
  • Counters and floors
  • Showers and toilets
  • Windows and mirrors
  • Walls and baseboards
  • Baby cribs and toys
  • Blinds and window sills
  • Tables and chairs
  • Leather furniture
  • Wood & Ceramic floors
  • Baby cribs and toys
  • Pet mess, cages & areas