AutoBiotics - Probiotic Auto & Truck Detailer
AutoBiotics - Probiotic Auto & Truck Detailer
AutoBiotics - Probiotic Auto & Truck Detailer
AutoBiotics - Probiotic Auto & Truck Detailer

AutoBiotics - Probiotic Auto & Truck Detailer

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Auto & Truck Detailer
Versatile and effective car cleaner enriched with beneficial probiotic bacteria. Designed for use on any car surface including headliners, glass and mirrors, lights, chrome, wood trimming, rims, tires, brake dust, mats, carpeting, car seat upholstery and leather, dashboard, motor, painted surfaces, etc.

Auto and Truck Detailer’s formula of beneficial probiotics, enzymes, and green cleaning agents work together, cleaning all the way down to the microscopic level, stabilizing the environment, reducing allergens and drastically reducing odors. 

Auto & Truck Detailer floods the surface with billions of safe, healthy bacteria that displace harmful (pathogenic) bacteria. These “tiny workers” continue cleaning and deodorizing for 3-5 days, unlike traditional cleaners that stop working as soon as they are dry.

Safe for skin, lungs, and clothing. Biodegradable, non-flammable and non-volatile.

Compare to:
Maguire's Ultimate Quik Detailer
22 oz bottle = $7.99 

Auto & Truck Detailer 
Mix 1 ounce of Auto & Truck Detailer with 32 oz of water
Dilute 4 oz to 1 Gallon = 32 Ready to Use Gallons
$59.95 per Gallon / 32G = $1.87 per gallon or $0.47 per 32 oz bottle!


  • Highly concentrated and economical
  • Cleans down to the microscopic level
  • Naturally removes dirt, bugs, road grime, stains, and even biofilm (no other product can do this, except hydrochloric acid)
  • Eliminates odors (even smoke) by removing the source of the smell
  • Residual cleaning and deodorizing effect for 3-5 days
  • Safe for people, pets, and good for the environment


  • All washable carpets
  • Upholstery
  • Leather
  • Carpet and Rubber mats
  • Wood Trimming
  • Shines Chrome
  • Dashboard
  • Headliners
  • Rims & Tires
  • Lights
  • Motor
  • Painted Surfaces
  • Glass & Mirrors

Important Points

  • Biodegradable, non-flammable, non-volatile
  • Bacteria: Class 1 (harmless)
  • Stabilized Bacteria in spore form have a 10-year shelf life
  • Store indoors between 40°F and 110°F; shielded from direct sunlight
  • Use diluted product within 3 days; pour excess down the drain to remove biofilm and drain odor

Other Information

The proprietary bacterial strains used in Auto & Truck Detailer are all natural strains and have not been subject to any gene splicing or recombinant technologies (No GMO). They are beneficial and classified as Type 1 (harmless organisms). Produced in the USA registered FDA facility.  

Large Rent-A-Car and Fleet Management companies choose Auto & Truck Detailer because it costs less and no other products compare to its ability to lift stains, eliminate odors (even smoke), and get cars back on the road, making money faster.

One & Done product meaning no lost time switching between products



Mixing and Application Instructions:

  1. Shake concentrate well before using.
  2. Heavy Cleaning - Add 1 oz to 32 oz of water Or 4 oz to 1 Gallon
  3. Light Cleaning and Especially Glass - Add 1 TBSP to 32 oz of water or 64:1 in Dilution Systems.
  4. Shake well again.
  5. Mix ONLY what you will use in 7 days then pour the remaining solution down the drain. This will also eliminate drain odors and is beneficial for the environment.

 Finished Micro Fiber Application Procedure:

  1. First, mist the surface with a squirt bottle of solution, then use a Microfiber cloth to wipe the surface cleans. Keep this cloth for the first wet wipe down. Change as necessary.
  2. Then do the final wipe off with a dry Microfiber cloth. Try to keep this cloth as dry as possible. 
  3. Change as necessary. This will give the surface its pop and luster.

    1 Gallon of concentrate will yield 64 RTU Gallons for Light cleaning