ProBiotics ~ StaBiotics ~ PureBiotics

⏳   IT’S TIME FOR SOME REAL CHANGE… For a Healthier Quality of Life!

Even the microscopic bugs can evolve to become “Superbugs”, so why can’t we change our perspective on cleaning? It appears that the general, yet harmful chemical-based disinfectants don’t seem to work as effectively as probiotics or products derived from pure nature.  It seems that we might be losing the war on germs as more new robust antibiotic-resistant bacteria emerge. After all, let’s face it, these microscopic organisms have been around long before we were, and they are here to stay. So instead of “killing everything in sight” and potentially harming ourselves and our planet, let’s balance the environment with beneficial stabilized probiotics. This StaBiotic solution is uniquely formulated to balance the stay active for up to 3+ days after each application, clean down to the microscopic level eliminating the Biofilm which shields dirt, allergens, germs and other contaminants, eliminates unpleasant odors while reducing the risk of infection compared to the disinfectants.  Finally, a smart approach to cleaning! It is the  New Science of Clean.

If it can be cleaned, why not clean it with Probiotics?