Bees & Pure-Bee-otics

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PureBiotic Mist is the best-proven liquid probiotic solution to help ensure the health of bees without harming nature and other pollinators!

Just by simply misting the probiotics inside the hives, there has been a tremendous result in disease reduction and increase in the liveliness of the bees. Apparently, when the bees are healthy and feel good, they tend to pollinate more, therefore produce more honey. You can imagine that it makes the beekeepers very-very happy.

So we got happy bees, happy beekeepers, and more honey for us. Not to mention, they help keep other plants, fruits, and vegetables alive. It's certainly a win-win for all!

Beekeepers couldn't be more pleased with the results!

The results from using Probiotics in liquid form by means of fogging (or misting) the beehives and adding the probiotic concentrate to their drinking water are based on these 4 scores:

Honey Production, Chalkbrood, Overall Health and Frames of Bees.


Compared to the controlled testing group, the honey production was 33.7% higher!


CHALKBROOD - a fungal brood disease of honey bees

Total chalkbrood (sporulating and nonsporulating) in the treated bees was .67%. This is a very low number considering where we started. The control sample was 1.24%. We dropped the chalkbrood to 54% of control!


The results showed a satisfying increase of overall health of bees by 24.7% just from applying our liquid probiotics.

    • Frames of Bees

    Frames of bees (bee replication) was 31.9% higher!

Just think about all the food we would miss without our dear pollinators...