Essential Pack of 2 cans of PureBiotic Mist & 1 Probiotic Cleaner SPECIAL

Essential Pack of 2 cans of PureBiotic Mist & 1 Probiotic Cleaner SPECIAL

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Essential Pack of 2 cans of PureBiotic Mist-200ml & 1 All Purpose Probiotic Cleaner-8oz

Aerosol spray cans
Filled with beneficial probiotics which help to clean your air and remove
 the triggers that cause allergy & asthma attacks. Give your immune system a rest while the probiotics work to protect you and your family for up to 3-days after application. Breathe better, sleep better, recover more & perform at a higher level. This medication-free Hypoallergenic formula is comprised of just purified water and stabilized probiotics. Each application leaves behind a protective layer of good bacteria that deconstructs Biofilm which is responsible for about 85% of infections. 

~ Get Long Lasting Benefits ~

  • Probiotics consume mold spores
  • Hospital-proven to reduce the risk of bacterial infections such as MRSA, E.coli, C.diff, Salmonella, and others
  • Mist on bed and pillows for dust mite relief
  • Works to remove the source of an odor, not just cover it up with fragrance
  • Safe for all surfaces
  • Pet's mouth, coat, and skin
  • Spray in A/C vent (unit's air intake) for improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Amazing relief from acne, UTIs, yeast infections, red/scratchy eyes, sore throat, foot & toe fungus

Use as a refresher/deodorizer 

  • Underarms and private parts
  • Shoes, boots, and gym bags
  • Cat litter and pet bedding
  • After sharing planes, trains, and public areas
  • Removes cigarette smoke residue

Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner 

100% natural Probiotic All-Purpose cleaning solution is suitable for all water-resistant surfaces. Highly Concentrated - makes 800oz of all-natural cleaner = 25 32oz bottles & costs as little as 2¢ per ounce!

  • Cleans surfaces down to the microscopic level
  • Actively combats odors
  • Minimizes the risk of bacterial infections
  • 100% natural active probiotics