StaBiotic Mist - Probiotic Environmental Control (PEC)

StaBiotic Mist - Probiotic Environmental Control (PEC)

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The introduction of beneficial bacteria reduces allergens such as dust mites, mold spores, and pet dander, decreasing allergic reactions.

PIP establishes a protective layer of safe and beneficial probiotic bacteria to ward off germs. Applied with a spray bottle as a very mist, PIP Probiotic Biomist stabilizes the environment, lowering the risk of pathogenic bacteria, and problems with dust mite allergies.  It is also the world's best deodorizer.

Suitable for a wide range of uses such as; carpets, window coverings, furniture, bedding, garbage areas, clothing, gym bags, sports shoes, pet bedding, and areas.

In a typical day, a human being will shed about 14 million particles of skin, which becomes a food source for microscopic, spider-like creatures called dust mites. While they inhabit many areas in our homes, beds, and pillows are prime breeding grounds for these yucky little critters. The waste they leave behind is encased in an allergy-inducing protein that triggers allergic reactions in those who are susceptible (allergen).
PIP Probiotic Biomist consumes dust mite waste, dead skin, pet dander, sweat and other odor-causing organic matter continuously, for their 72-hour lifespan. They compete with each new generation of dust mites for their common food source and competitively exclude them, reinforcing probiotic environment control with each application. Now you’ve got an army defending your immune system from attacks from these irritating allergens.

Starve out mold!

PIP Probiotic Biomist workers also compete with mold for nutrients, eventually starving out the mold. They also create dryer conditions, making it much more difficult for mold to thrive.

Unique Mechanism of Action

PIP Probiotic Biomist floods the surface with millions of safe, healthy bacteria that displace harmful (pathogenic) bacteria. These “tiny workers” continue cleaning and deodorizing for up to 3 days, unlike traditional cleaners that stop working as soon as they are dry.

Tested by University of Ghent faculty, this product is completely safe for skin and clothing, and is biodegradable, non-flammable and non-volatile.


  • Concentrated and economical
  • Cleans down to the microscopic level
  • Residual cleaning and deodorizing effect for up to 3 days
  • Drastically reduces odors
  • Safe for people, animals, and the environment


  • Hard to reach areas around toilets and urinals
  • High-touch areas (switches, remotes, railings, handles)
  • Garbage cans; areas
  • Exercise gear or equipment
  • Sports shoes; winter boots
  • Beds and bedding
  • Closets; musty drawers
  • Pillows and Furniture
  • Window coverings
  • Air conditioning vents
  • Pet areas and bedding

Important Points

  • Biodegradable, non-flammable, non-volatile
  • Bacteria: Class 1 (harmless)
  • pH: Concentrate: 6.5
  • Store indoors between 50°F and 100°C; shielded from direct sunlight
  • Use diluted product within 3 days; pour excess down the drain to remove biofilm!

Other Information

The proprietary bacterial strains used in products are all natural strains and have not been subject to any gene splicing or recombinant technologies (No GMO). They are beneficial and classified as Type 1 (harmless organisms). Produced in USA in FDA registered facility.

Directions for Use

  • Always shake concentrate before mixing to disperse your probiotic workers!
  • The dilution ratio varies, depending on the conditions: Mild odors: 12 oz per 1 Gallon
  • Severe odors 64 oz per Gallon
  • For initial use, we recommend starting with a higher concentration to establish a protective layer of probiotic workers.
  • Then decrease back down to 12 to 1 ratio to maintain it.

Works extremely well with a fogger to cover large areas.