PureBiotic Mist Allergy Free (Pine Scent Aerosol Spray)

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Control & protect your personal micro-environment. 
Every spray of PureBiotics' Allergy Free probiotic formula immediately works to remove harmful dust mites, mold, mildew, allergens, irritants and contaminants.  Billions of protective probiotics also deconstruct the sources of odors so there is nothing left to smell, giving you the added benefit of the best and safest possible deodorizer. 
Get long-lasting (3-5 days) protection as this hypoallergenic formula that works and cleans all the way down to the microscopic level.  Now, it's safer to touch the World around you again and reduces the risk of infections and other problems.  These beneficial Stabilized Probiotics are extremely effective while tough on dirt and contaminants,  it's gentle and soothing on skin and totally safe for the environment.
It is the key to a healthy home and all work areas.   Perfect for all types of surfaces, PureBiotics can be safely used at home, especially on pillows & bedding and all upholstered surfaces for dust mite and other allergens.
University and hospital tested and approved, this StaBiotic formulation is now used in over 30 countries, is especially effective for healthier breathing and sleep and beneficial for all areas of your home, office or anywork space so you can live ALLERGY FREE..!