ULV Fogger

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The ULV fogger is an important part of the sanitizing process. ULV foggers tend to fill the air as well as treat surfaces. Now that we know that the latest coronavirus is primarily spread on air particles, the ULV fogger is the superior choice.

Our choice for ULV is a version that has served the professional community for years. The durability of the system is as important as its portability and performance. Professionals have relied on these handheld ULV foggers for the effective application of environmental treatments such as sanitizing or disinfection.

Type: ULV Sprayers
Model Number: HM- SP002
Material: Durable Plastic
Plastic Type: PP
Color: Blue
Gross weight: 9 pounds
Size: 19.5” x 10” X 12”
Capacity: One gallon
Voltage: 1100V/50Hz – 600 W

This unit has an adjustable valve to control the spray volume and droplet size. The powerful motor can project the spray 12-15 feet. 

Maintenance of the unit is to flush the hose with fresh water to prevent chemical buildup in the line or on the outlet nozzle.

The unit comes with a shoulder strap, instruction book, and an extra spray nozzle.