StaBiotic Water PLUS (Probiotic Concentrate)
StaBiotic Water PLUS (Probiotic Concentrate)

StaBiotic Water PLUS (Probiotic Concentrate)

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Water PLUS is a powerful probiotic concentrate that can be fogged into any area or sprayed with a traditional hand pump or backpack sprayer.  

  • Use it in toxic air quality environments such as mold and the most disgusting plumbing jobs to breathe easier after
  • Fog, Mist or Spray into Home & Commercial Air conditioning vents to remove mold, mildew, allergens like pet dander and dust.  Indoor Air Quality ranks 4th as the greatest threat to mankind, yet we spend 90% of our time indoors.
  • Breaks up and removes biofilm inside of any pipe.  This will improve water flow and cleanliness of the water coming from the pipe
  • Animal drinking systems for an improved feed to weight ratio without using Antibiotics.  Yep! - Happier, Healthier & Cleaner Pigs & Chickens!
  • Greatest Odor Eliminator on the planet as the probiotics do not mask the smell but instead, cleans to the microscopic level removing the source of the smell
  • Continues to work for 3+ days leaving a protective layer of beneficial probiotics

The natural formation of biofilm in water systems can decrease flow and create hiding places that boost the development of pathogenic bacteria.  W+ actively disrupts the binding matrix components of biofilm, purifying all pipes, tubing, pumps, and reservoirs.  Effective with a dilution ratio of up to 1:10,000.  Water PLUS is a healthy additive that is completely harmless, noncorrosive and can be used safely in all types of water systems.  It does not require rinsing off the water system after use and is completely safe for animals.

Water PLUS contains live, beneficial bacteria that continue to slow or stop the growth of pathogenic bacteria, fungus, mold, and biofilm for up to 3 days. It does not require rinsing after use and is completely safe for animals. W+ is biodegradable, non-flammable and non-volatile.

    Always shake concentrate before mixing to disperse your probiotic workers! Use mixed solution within 3 days; pour excess down the drain to break down biofilm and get rid of odors.

    No masks, gloves, or protective aprons required!

    The dilution ratio varies by application ranging from 1:1,000 to 1:10,000, or just a few drops in a glass of water would do.